Mr Mimmo’s tips on how
to preserve sweet and
savoury products made
by the San Giorgio family.

Make sure the temperature of the
refrigerator is always between -18°C and -22°C.

Make sure the refrigerator is always
well shut and it is not excessively full.

Products can be stored in their own bag as long as it is well closed and that all details about ingredients, production lot and expiry date are always readable. Nonetheless, storing products in their own box guarantees better protection.

Shut the refrigerator well. Keep it always well shut,
in case of lack of energy avoid opening it, in order to
preserve the temperature of the product as long
as possible.

Avoiding storing the product along with
other foods, not to mix flavours.

Never refreeze the product
after thawing.

Periodically de-ice and clean the refrigerator
to preserve the quality of products.

Always rotate products checking
the expiry date


(ITA) San Giorgio all’ANUGA di Colonia 2019

(ITA) San Giorgio sarà presente all’Anuga di Colonia dal 5 al 9 ottobre 2019!

Vi aspettiamo presso il pad. 7 stand A020-B021 insieme alla rete Il Buon Gusto Italiano per accogliervi e farvi scoprire tutte le nostre bontà.

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(ITA) Azienda Campione del Sud 2019

(ITA) San Giorgio premiata come Azienda Campione del Sud 2019!
Il Premio è stato consegnato al Convegno Il Sud Genera Futuro, organizzato dal Corriere della Sera, in collaborazione con ItalyPost.

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