There San Giorgio SpA has always given fundamental importance to the quality and safety of its products, a fundamental characteristic in order to fully satisfy the customer's needs. The Company has always paid close attention to the ethical issues and principles to be guaranteed in the production process, attention which has also been expressed with the desire to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility System in compliance with the requirements set out in the Standard SA 8000:2014 and to adopt the Rainforest sustainable farming system Alliance.  

This system does not consider one's company from the mere point of view of profit, giving voice to the commitment to bear witness to human and social values as bearers of wealth in a management and control system that enables everyone to have the same opportunities and to safeguard the protection of the environment and workers' rights.

For this purpose, the Company, in relation to the performances deriving from the application of the two standards, aims to:

  • make the company's Social Responsibility policy known to various stakeholders;
  • promote knowledge and understanding by all stakeholders of the company's real commitments in accordance with the Standards.

The Stakeholders of San Giorgio SpA are Customers, Employees, Trade Unions, Institutions, the Community, Suppliers and Commercial Partners;

  • provide Management with a useful tool for the internal review of the Social Responsibility Policy and the verification of the achievement of company objectives;
  • highlight the continuous improvement of company management through the trends of the indicators adopted.

In order to allow stakeholders to make complaints, comments, suggestions or reports against San Giorgio SpA, in relation to aspects of social ethics, a specific "Report / Suggestion Form" has been prepared which can also be filled out anonymously.


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