San Giorgio Azienda Sostenibile

since 1980



Since the years 2000 we started adopting different strategies to make San Giorgio Dolce e Salato agreen company: le sustainable actions that we have undertaken have the aim of reduce the environmental impact through all the tools available and in all corporate areas, in compliance with the principles and values in which we have always believed.


and circular economy

San Giorgio Dolce e Salato has always been involved in the environment protection and in valorisation of its territory. The most important activities undertaken to become aindustry 4.0 with low environmental impact they focus on the incentive of renewable energy resources and on the technological research and innovative regarding the production processes, promoting all the practices capable of guaranteeing a environmental balance.

San Giorgio Azienda Sostenibile - Impianti
— energy efficiency of our industrial plants

The digital transformation of San Giorgio Dolce e Salato into industry 4.0 involves the adoption of new solutions smart manufacturing involving the optimization of production processes and the reduction of energy costs, increasing the efficiency of machinery, improving production times and product quality.

San Giorgio Azienda Sostenibile Interni
— sustainable building

San Giorgio Dolce e Salato is an expanding company: since 2007 we have been experimenting, innovating and increasing our production strength with the creation of new lines and factories built in compliance with thecircular economy, which involves the use of technologies and construction techniques, based on energy efficiency And safety of buildings and environments, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact.

— sustainable packaging

At the heart of corporate strategy is the will to use recycled and recyclable materials and supports that they always guarantee the integrity and insulation of the packaged product and that respect the environment, both in the production chain and in their disposal. San Giorgio Dolce e Salato undertakes to choose partners and suppliers able to guarantee efficiency and eco-friendliness both materials and inks for personalized packaging printing.

San Giorgio Azienda Sostenibile Logistica e Raccolta differenziata
- waste sorting

THE employees di San Giorgio Dolce e Salato embrace the company philosophy, comply with regulations and principles and adopt behaviors and actions aimed at improving life quality in the company of the individual and the group. There waste sorting is one of these principles and represents a sustainable choice that San Giorgio Dolce e Salato promotes through the awareness of collaborators and partners, for the development of a green cultureinside and outside the company.



The first and fundamental principle on which our corporate philosophy is based is genuineness. Genuineness for us means offering healthy foods, produce with the best raw materials, ensure the maximum transparency in production and information and ensure food safety to all consumers.

- raw material

San Giorgio Dolce e Salato chooses the best raw materials for its products: from flours, to yeasts, to fillings, everything is skilfully and rigorously selected and worked to ensure quality, taste And food safety.

— single ingredients cartel

There transparency is one of the pillars of the company's sustainable philosophy: drawing up the list of ingredients, which identifies allergens and specific storage methods and expiration dates, is an activity that completely protects Health and the well being of the consumer.

— consumer needs

Comply with and meet dietary requirements and nutritional expectations represents for San Giorgio Dolce e Salato a primary objective which is realized in the creation of specific products, in line with the needs of vegans And coeliacs, those who prefer a healthy and balanced diet and demanding palates.

We at San Giorgio Dolce e Salato are projected towards continuous research, in step with thetaste evolution he was born in consumer behaviour.



Efficiency, reliability and care in San Giorgio

The BRC GS certification certifies the quality and safety of food products through the application of mixed quality/product management systems, hygiene self-control (HACCP) and good manufacturing practices (GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices).
The IFS Food Standard certification is aimed at guaranteeing the quality and food safety of the products produced. The aim is to produce safe, authentic and quality products in accordance with legal requirements and customer specifications.
The Management has adopted a Corporate Quality Management System certified in reference to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, not only to prevent any non-conformities of the products offered but also to continuously improve over time the quality standards achieved on the basis of a careful evaluation of the risks/opportunities deriving from the analysis of the context in order to respond effectively to the needs of all interested parties (suppliers, customers, staff, control bodies). The Quality Management System is the tool for the company to meet its objectives, aimed not only at improving the quality standards of the products offered, but also and above all at improving the management of work processes, in order to optimize resources. used (in terms of time and costs.



Justice, Honesty, Lawfulness, Empathy

We decided to adopt a Ethical code, to put on paper the values and principles to which the Directors, Shareholders and employees, as well as all those who work for us, are inspired and standardized for the pursuit of corporate objectives and to ensure that the San Giorgio SPA may it remain a company with high ethical and moral standards.

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